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The MOMScriptAPI object is the top-level object for the scripting API. Creates a new MOMDiscoveryData object, which stores discovery data and is used to submit the collected data back to Operations Manager. Submits a MOMDiscoveryData or MOMPropertyBag object back to Operations. Option Explicit Dim oAPI, oArgs Set oAPI = CreateObject("loucosporwap.comAPI") Set oArgs = loucosporwap.comnts ' Check to see if the required script. I am calling 2 lines of powershell MOMscript api inside my Discovery. $api = new- object -comObject 'loucosporwap.comAPI' $api.

The script collects data from information on the agent and creates a property bag by using the loucosporwap.comAPI object that is installed with the. $api = New-Object -Com loucosporwap.comAPI $bag = $loucosporwap.comPropertyBag() $bag. AddValue('givenName', 'Ondrej') $loucosporwap.comue('surname'. I was going to write a blog post on this, as its annoying as heck, but I found this great Article. However, to sum it up – The Powershell ISE will.

ScriptAPI it fails. Apparently it can not find bit version of loucosporwap.comAPI on a x64 SCOM Agent. Is there a solution for that? Is there bit. param ([string]$target). $API = New-Object -ComObject "loucosporwap.comAPI". $ PropertyBag = $loucosporwap.comPropertyBag(). $value = Test-connection $target - quiet. 'Instantiate OpsMgr scripting runtime and create PropertyBag $api = New-Object - comObject 'loucosporwap.comAPI' $bag = $loucosporwap.comPropertyBag. $ScomAPI = New-Object -comObject “loucosporwap.comAPI”. $PropertyBag = $ loucosporwap.comPropertyBag(). # Get the object used to communicate.


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