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Unity rich text font

Unity rich text font

Name: Unity rich text font

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The Text, GUIStyle, GUIText and TextMesh classes have a Rich Text setting which instructs Unity to look for markup tags within the text. The loucosporwap.com function. //Create a new Text GameObject by going to Create>UI>Text in the Editor. Then, choose or click and drag your own font into the Font section in the Inspector. No, you can't change font. You can see the list of allowed rich text tags at http:// loucosporwap.com Comment.

I have Myriad Pro, Myriad Pro Bold, and Myriad Pro Italic in my fonts asset folder. The problem is that when I use the tag in rich text, Unity. Rich text font size behavior. Update: the problem does not exist in Unity Original question: Simple experiment with Unity f1. I'm having issues getting a non system font working with rich text. I have the fonts split into seperate files, a regular font a bold font etc. When.

It's a common issue, you want to use a font other than Arial for a Unity project. You go to grab something off of Google Fonts, or your favorite font. This works: loucosporwap.componentText> ().font = loucosporwap.comltinResource( typeof(Font), "loucosporwap.com") as Font;. align, Text alignment. alpha, color, Color and opacity. b, i, Bold and italic style. cspace, Character spacing. font, Font and material selection. indent, Indentation.


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