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Termcap library linux

Termcap library linux

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For libraries and header files, you have to install the developer packages, often the package name with the -dev prefix appended. The termcap. In order to use libraries from another directories, you can try to do the following: termcap/configure --host=powerpclinux-gnu. The termcap library is provided for easy access this data base in programs that want to do terminal-independent character-based display output. This manual.

[PARENTDIR], Parent Directory, -. [ ], loucosporwap.com, , K. [ ], loucosporwap.com, , K. I get an error: "no termcap library found" I have not been able to find a good answer by loucosporwap.com loucosporwap.com export CC="/bin/arm-mv5sft-linux-gnueabi-gcc" export CXX="/bin/arm-mv5sft- linux-gnueabi-g++" export AR="/bin/arm-mv5sft-linux-gnueabi-ar".

Termcap (terminal capability) is a software library and database used on Unix- like computers. It enables programs to use display computer terminals in a. TERMCAP(5) Linux Programmer's Manual TERMCAP(5) with old programs; new programs should use the terminfo(5) database and associated libraries. I have found a work-around to cross-compile gbd, since I was only interested in crosscompiling the gdbserver, I went to that. Terminfo (formerly Termcap) is a database of terminal capabilities and more. . by Richard M. Stallman is a GNU manual also known as the "Termcap Library".


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