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Just warp plugin

Just warp plugin

Name: Just warp plugin

File size: 183mb

Language: English

Rating: 7/10



JustWarp. This is a simple and lightweight warp plugin that is based on the work . which is named "mine" but just the owner of this warppoint can tp to his own. Did you ever want a plugin that offers warp, spawn AND home? If you want to reset the file, just remove the file entirely while the server is not running. Oh so you are looking for a plugin that can handle warps just on a player by player basis. You're also(/still) in luck! Players can all have their private warps to .

The best and easiest way to handle warps in a nice simple GUI! just with commands, you can use the "/warp warp>" command! . If you have any problems with my plugin, contact me at one of the following places:​. The whole plugin is really an advertisement for people with things to offer It just puts all the warps on a nice little page to help make traveling. you will ned permissions ex (its best plugin for promoteing and demoting) and in . Now I just need it so EVERYBODY can use the warps. Also.

Create warp points for players to easily teleport to. the plugin will register it once you complete the /warp add command.. -If you want everyone to be able to use the warp just put in the WarpPermissionGroup argument put. how do i edit the perms on the plugin wants i installed it? because Essentials plugin will not work in that versions, Please just use EssentialsX. SimpleWarp is the original warp plugin for PocketMine-MP. . when I make a warp its really good but later on the warp just gets deleted by itself.


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